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Do not waste your money on a First Extended Service warranty! On 8/2/2011 I phoned First Extended and spoke with representative Israel regarding the cruise control on our Honda CRV.

He assured me that the repair was covered under the warranty we purchased for $943.00. He said that any item covered by Honda's warranty is covered by First Extended. When I took the car to the dealer for repair, I was told that the repair is not covered after all; the throttle body part needed to fix the cruise control is an excluded item under the contract. However, the item is covered under Honda's original warranty, which is now expired and the reason that we bought the First Extended warranty.

Our First Extended warranty expires in February 2012 and they have not paid out a cent to us in repairs!

It seems their mission is to find a reason not to pay for repairs. I would never purchase a warranty from them again.

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What is the sense in having an extended warranty if you can't use it when you hav e problems. Here we sit at the Dodge dealer with problems with our steering column and extended warranty is telling dealer that because the repair is over 700.

It has to be reviewed and can take up to one or two business days. We had to travel 125 miles to get here. My husband called and they said that we have car rental under this but they tell us at the dealer that they won't pay for rental if we get it before it's approved. Will never purchase this warranty again.

First extended warranty sells paper and that's all. Sure isnt service!


Company would not pay for a cv problem that would normally be covered, but because I took it to a dealer that was within 40 miles they wouldn't pay. Problem is I would have had to pay a 35 mile tow bill.

I found out today that a Ford contract would have covered it and was only $180.00 more!

And they won't prorate me... i.e. no way to cancel!!!

Bad company

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