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I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau on this company. They are a joke. I see that I am not the only one unhappy with their service or lack thereof!

First Extended has denied coverage on an intake assembly for my car. They stated the reason for their denial was that the dealer failed to prove that there was a problem with the car! What? The technician showed their adjuster the diagnostic code but that was not good enough. They needed to actually see the problem......please!

Supposedly when I bought the warranty for $1900.00, I was getting the best coverage. I am not done with this company yet. They will pay one way or another even if I have to get legal representation.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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I just got a quote from Pep Boys (referred by First Extended) for a front strut. First, Pep Boys quote for one is the same price as two struts from the dealer.

Second, the price for the two struts installed was $440.18. First Extended would only pay $240.00.

So after my $200 deductible, they actually only pay $40.00, and Im left to pay the $398.18! Needless to say since this is a new contract/warranty, I cancelled it!:(


:? A friend of mine bought a new car, he died and left it to his wife, she died and the family gave the car to me, they got extended service on it and still good. Is the car still under your warrenty?

His name was Lewis W. Marvin the car is a Mercury Grand Marquis/2005 my email is


An intake manifold assembly or intake gasket is never replaced based on " fault codes " there should be specific testeing that can and should be done to confirm if there is in fact a failure present. I guess if there was a code in the system that said to go to the nearest lake and jump in - then one should??


so far im waiting on the dealership to actually honor the warranty and provide my wife with a safe and reliable vehicle working on the third trip and considering persuing some legal action vs both the dealer and the warranty corp have you actually had any success with dealing with this company

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