because my claim was not done "by the letter" they refused to pay the claim of over $400.00

my dealer said that the 40 mile rule was not in effect at the time of purchase so I took my car to a more local dealer (only 7 miles away) but fesc says the rule is always in effect & because my car was almost to the undrivable stage & did not get pre-authorization, they refuse to pay

I paid almost $1300.00 for the warranty + $400.00 for this claim = $1700.00 out of my pocket

why even have extended warranty - my advise - don't waste your hard earned money on fesc, they are worthless - I have contacted my dealer for a full refund of the cost of the agreement

Ohio pissed customer

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I have followed the proper steps to the T and this company refuses to cover my claim. There are countless others as well.

Steven Archer should be imprisoned for selling these warranties as should anyone else who does so. Class Action Suit needs filed!!!


I sell these warrenties and you should of follwed the proper steps that is clearly labeled on the contrat or ask for a dealer warrenty covered by the manufacturer

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